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Portable ozone generator 10.000 mg/h.

Portable ozone generator 10.000 mg/h.
  • Portable ozone generator 10.000 mg/h.

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Portable ozone cannon specially designed for the elimination of odors, viruses, bacteria, and fungi harmful to health that are both suspended in the air and attached to fabrics, ceilings, floors, walls, carpets, etc.

It will be enough to put it into operation for short periods of time, and its effect will be noticeable from the first moment, leaving that characteristic odor of disinfection from ozone. Once the disinfection process is finished, this odor will disappear.

It incorporates a timer from 0 to 60 minutes, with a locked position for continuous production.

Treatments recommended for normal conditions:

  • Hotel rooms of about 50 m2: 25 minutes of use.
  • Vehicle interior: 12 minutes of use.
  • Bus interior: 35 minutes of use.

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