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Butchers knife DetectoGrip

Butchers knife DetectoGrip


  • Butchers knife DetectoGrip

When it comes to processing meat, knives and tools with plastic handles must be used exclusively. Handles made from soft plastic material hold the risk of abrasion and the finest particles may get into food. This problem can be prevented if knives and tools with hard plastic handles are utilised. Nonetheless, food can be contaminated with metal and plastic particles due to damage to the knife. Unlike metal parts, parts made from conventional plastics cannot be detected with detectors or x-ray devices. A new innovation at Friedr. Dick is the DetectoGrip detectable knife series and the Detecto Steel HyperDrill knife sharpener. By mixing metal parts into the plastic, pieces of plastic can now be detected in food by commercial metal detectors and x-ray devices. In collaboration with our plastic manufacturer, a material has been developed that has further improved the detectability of this plastic mixture. This has been successfully proven in internal and external tests.

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