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Stainless steel wall-side table with lifting system

Stainless steel wall-side table with lifting system


  • Stainless steel wall-side table with lifting system

Made of stainless steel AISI 304, this table incorporates countertop and an intermediate shelf to provide extra storage space.

This model also incorporates a lifting system that allows to regulate the height of the work surface.

Why have we designed a center table for machinery that can be adjusted in height?

Our main principles have been: ergonomics and the reduction of occupational diseases and accidents at work.

With this utility, your staff, regardless of their height, can adapt the workplace to particular needs, making their daily work much more comfortable and safer, avoid bad postures and to a large extent, possible accidents or injuries.

This system adapts perfectly to floors with fall or unevenness, being the countertop always horizontal.

The possible adjustment is 200 mm upwards or downwards, with a total minimum height of 760 mm and a total maximum height of 960 mm.

Strength and durability guaranteed.

1500 630 600 960 760 40,00 070662
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